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*letedu    (2012-01-08)
Any opinion on

Hello all, do you have any opinion on ?  I read that many scammers are using it, is it true ?  Otherwise is it a good online dating website ?  Thank you very much.

Free online dating

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*michael    (2012-01-09 02:21:47)
Any opinion on

yes that's true, too many scammers from africa on this website, that's too bad

*burisu    (2012-01-21 22:21:35)
12 years ago

I used this website a while ago and had fun with it, I recommend it.

*mejete    (2013-02-06 12:32:54)
11 years ago

I joined it and before I even made my profile I had 3 letters from men in my mail box. While I was uploading a photo 3 more sent me messages. But I could not read them unless I pay $70. Does it look real to you? Of course, it is a scam!

*fenibu    (2016-11-20 16:13:30)
7 years ago

. I had a bad experience! The amount advertised went up by the time I had paid the subscription. In over three months I did not have one single match. Everything a bout thease people is a skame. Contacting and cancelling is very compicated. Just check the internet, it's full of complaints. I contacted the consumer protection in Sweden and aparantly BE2's rules are unreasobable and people are advised to refer BE2 to them , in case of threats( for cancelling the "wrong" way - which BE2 are well known for

*dofisa    (2017-05-31 14:28:35)
7 years ago

  My account was cancelled and my money was refunded back to me, contact

Be2 Internaional and they will help. this is their Email

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