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Do you report scams on

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*dinete    (2012-01-10)
Do you report scams on

Hi, did you ever report a scam on, foreign woman asking for money to come into your country or whatever, did you ever encounter such a case?  What did you do?

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*kidova    (2012-01-10 17:02:27)
Do you report scams on

A good question is what percentage of profiles are scammers on online dating websites? Does anyone know that?

*zuxigi    (2012-01-25 16:13:19)
12 years ago

my question is: is it really useful to report scams, will they do something to stop them?  if they close a few accounts, a few other ones will appear by using a proxy if necessary, what can they do at the end?

*vucubo    (2012-02-17 17:28:28)
12 years ago

They can't do anything properly, they cannot prove it most of the time because they do not reveal their real intentions on the sites, they use MSN.

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