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Greatest scam ever on an online dating website

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*tedavo    (2012-01-10)
Greatest scam ever on an online dating website

Hello all, what is the best scam you ever saw in a chat on an online dating site?  Please tell us your stories, that will be instructive for everyone, there are so many scams nowadays.

Free online dating

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*padere    (2012-01-10 17:00:19)
Greatest scam ever on an online dating website

Aren't scams all the same?  As far as I know, every scam look like each other but I'm curious what others say.

*kecepa    (2012-01-11 12:04:50)
12 years ago

Hi! My advice: if you're married, do not give too many informations on you, I know a case where someone threatened a married man to tell his wife, unless $10,000 at the end he told his wife himsfelf that he tried to have an affair on an online dating website.

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