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Scammers on Grospoisson, your experiences

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admin    (2012-01-28)
Scammers on Grospoisson, your experiences

Hello all,

It looks obvious, according to the number of persons who blocked certain members on, that a few profiles have been created by scammers. This is not astonishing, this phenomenon is very common on online dating websites.

With time & thanks to the increasing number of members, the software will start to slow down or stop messages sent by these profiles, meanwhile it is always useful to share experiences with scammers, their methods evolving over time.

Note: Thanks before all not to publish names or usernames on this public forum, this is a place to discuss scammers methods only!

Usually scammers profiles use photos of seductive young women and do the following things:

1. Give to you a MSN address at the first message (or nearly) and then try to incitate you to do something, either:

- Send money (through Paypal, Western Union).
- Make a call/SMS/MMS to a pay number.
- Publish an ad on a website (for a traffic).

2. Learn personal informations on you as fast as possible (mainly thanks to Facebook once you've given your real name) and doing blackmail by any way, particularly if you're in couple or married.

That's why it is recommended to meet the person in the real life in a public place before to share some personal informations (talking about general stuff has no consequences though) or to send some money for anything.

Your opinions and experiences on this are consequently very useful to everyone to avoid falling into such traps, thanks in advance.

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