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Why online dating is not free

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moderator    (2012-01-13)
Why online dating is not free

You may wonder why most online dating websites are not free just like Facebook, and more exactly why most often men have to pay when sometimes the service is free for women, there are several reasons to this:

1. Free services do not exist!  Facebook is not free as well after all, you pay them (quite well) by giving them your personal data and of course you can see targeted ads on the site. Anyway, at the end someone has to pay...

2. Offer and demand: "Men" do not have to pay by definition. The only reason for this is that men want to meet women much more than the contrary (that's common sense). By the way, the percentage of women is very low on most online dating websites, even the most known ones. If you are not convinced, just look at the Alexa statistics (click Audience) for each one.

3. Totally free online dating does not work!  Indeed, on such websites you'll see quickly a few women flooded under tons of messages by thousands of men, then scammers will create fake women profiles to try to abuse a few of them. This is not really encouraging.

4. You need money to promote a website, free online dating websites will always be less visible on the internet or on TV than the most successful paying ones.

At the end, someone has to pay and as you can see on this online dating website where people (men and women) can choose to pay or not, only men pay a subscription, never women. That's the offer and demand law.

Free online dating

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*pepave    (2012-01-22 02:26:42)
Why online dating is not free

That's quite true, and that's too bad.

*vutoke    (2012-01-25 16:06:38)
12 years ago

It is true that free online dating doesn't work but that's just like marriage, when you're in then you want to go out (so you pay), and when you're out then all you want is to find a free website

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